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New Survey Bodes Well for Major Companies in the State

New Survey Bodes Well for Major Companies in the State


A group representing the largest employers in the state is out with a quarterly survey that indicates hiring expectations for the next six month are at record levels.

 The Iowa Business Council survey of its member companies in the latter half of August places the employment outlook on par with historical highs in the second quarter of this year as well as the second quarter of 2012 and first quarter of 2008.

90-percent of the member companies expect exmployment to be higher, substantially higher or stay the same.

Captial spending by those companies like Casey's, Rockwell Collins and Dupont-Pioneer is going to be strong with just over 50% percent expecting it to increase. 43% expect no change and just 5% expect reductions.

The only negative in the report is that expectations for overall sales is slightly lower than the last quarter. Still, 86% of the CEO's expected steady or increased sales activity over the next six month.

Iowa Business Council Chairman Larry Zimpleman of the Principal Financial Group says with the confidence of employers in the terms of hiring remaining firm, it is a "hopeful indicator for the long term." 






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